Monday, March 30, 2009


I am a rubric addict. I create rubrics for almost everything my students do in my ELA class. My students are so accustomed to receiving rubrics from me that they request them as soon as I assign a if I wouldn't give them one at the time I give the assignment! I do literature circles with my students during the third nine weeks every year. Part of the assessment that I do during this unit is requiring the students to evaluate the members of their group. I find this very helpful in determining an overall grade, since the teammates often know more about the day to day happenings in their circle. The students are usually very frank about how they performed in comparison to their teammates. Doing this module helped to reinforce my belief in the use of rubrics to score student artifacts, as well as the importance of self assessment and peer assessment


  1. Sorry, you have been sick, but thanks for adding your post. Peer evaulations can be an important component of group assignments.

  2. I can honestly say that I'v never heard the term Rubric Addict before. It sounds like your students have really taken to them too. I can see how you are able to use them a great deal in our ELA setting, especially with tools such as literature circles. Students assessing themselves and each other is a great use for rubrics and I have tried to use more of that in my classes. Nice job.

  3. I also like to use rubrics for projects. I teach geometry therefor must of my assessments come from test and quizzes

  4. I completely understand! Is there another way to grade?? I use rubrics (or checklists) for as much as I can. I used to teach English, and I did that then, too. Now that I teach dance we do a lot of choreography assignments. Rubrics really does seem like the only way to help the students know they are including all of the choreography requirements correctly and effectively. I do sometimes have trouble getting them to actually USE the rubric when they are choreographing.

    To answer your question from my blog...
    I haven't used blogs yet. I want to use blogs in the future and in this unit. I have, however, been doing "Writing Notebooks". I know that sounds weird in a dance class, but my degree is in English; I'm required to use my degree...I teach a dance class with a splash of English. haha. It's interesting. As much as the students usually resist the idea of a writing notebook at first, it has surprised me to see how many of them actually end up enjoying it. It is somewhat of a chore for them because they have so many entries to do per week, but I have gotten quite a number of comments on how much they actually like writing in it.

    I feel I may find a connection between blogging and these writing notebooks. :-)